TI AM335X Up to 1GHz Cortex-A8

SGX530 2D/3D Graphics 

256MB DDR2 and 512MB NAND  

10/100 Eth., Audio, Touch and LCD                                                                                                                                       



Bosphorus-II is second generation of cross-compatible computer module from Atlas Embedded Systems , that focusing advanced embedded applications because of high performance, highly integrated, all-in-one approach, power efficient, including many connectivitiy options and miniature size.


High performance CPU and true 2D/3D Graphics

Based on AM335X processors with up to 1 GHz from Texas Instruments with a NEON multimedia coprocessor that offers the module with more computing power and enhanced 2D/3D graphics accelerator up to 20Mpoly/sec to answer extensive range of industry applications. 



Bosphorus-II is equipped with up to 512MB DDR2 SDRAM, up to 1GB NAND Flash, 8MB SPI NOR Flash and 64KB EPPROM for answering memory requirements in a modern embedded device



10/100Mbit Ethernet, second 10/100/1000Mbit ethernet option, USB2.0 High Speed OTG and High Speed Host, multiple UARTs are connectivity options to provided by the Bosphorus-II. 


Display and Audio

Bosphorus-II provides connectivity to passive and active LCDs with resolution up to 1366x768 resolution with 24-bit colour depth as well as 4-wire, 5 wire and 8-wire resistive touch screen controller. An on-board stereo audio codec allows record and play audio.

The module can be plugged into standart DDR SODIMM 200 pin connector very easily and this connector serves all processor signals to out to base board. It can be supplied with/without graphics accelerator, memory and connectivity options as well as commercial and industrial temperature range.


Single Power Supply

Because of requiring single supply it is very easy to design to baseboard without power headache.

Processor’s memory local bus is available for extension, such as FPGA, CPLD, high speed data transfers or connecting more peripherals.



CPU Name   Texas Instruments AM335X
CPU Type   Cortex-A8
L1 Cache / L2 Cache (CPU)   32KB / 256KB
CPU Speed   max 1GHz
DDR2 SDRAM   128MB .. 512MB (16-bit / 533Mbps)
NAND Flash   128MB .. 1GB (8-bit)
NOR Flash (SPI)   8MB
Display Controller   Single
Graphics Engine   PowerVR SGX530 (20Mpoly/sec)
2D/3D Graphics Acceleration   OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenVG 1.0 and Direct3D Mobile
RGB   1366x768 16-bit
Touch   4-5 wire resistive (On CPU)
Ethernet   10/100Mbps and second 10/100/100Mbps option
USB   USB2.0 HS OTG (1), USB2.0 Host (1)
SD/MMC   3
UART   6
SPI   2
I2C   3
CAN   2x CAN2.0b
External Bus   16-bit Add./Data. -  3 Chip selects
PRU   2xPRU Core
PWM/Capture/Encoder/Timer   3/3/3/7
Temperature Sensor  Ok
Microphone   Ok
Headphone   Ok
Line In/Out   Ok
Crypto Accelerator   AES, SHA, PKA, RNG
Operating Systems
Linux   3.2
Android    ICS 4.0.3
Technical Spesifications
Size   67.6 mm x 34.0 mm x 4.5 mm
Power Supply   3.3V
Digital I/O   3.3V
Power Consumption   1.5W (Typ)
Temperature   0° to 70° C / -40° to 85° C
Product Status    In Production



Brochure :

     Bosphorus-II Brochure

Hardware Manual :

     Bosphorus-II Hardware Reference Guide

Presentation :

  ppt icon Bosphorus-II Presentation

Dimensions and Mechanic Files :

    dxf icon Bosphorus-II DXF Files

Pinout Information :

     excel icon  Bosphorus-II SODIMM200 Signal Assignment

     excel icon  Bosphorus-I and Bosphorus-II Pinout Comparasion

Board Support Package :

   linux icon Bosphorus-II Linux BSP

Linux OS Support : 

   linux icon Linux3.2 Wiki Pages

Android Support : 

  Android Android ICS 4.0.3 Wiki Pages



Bosphorus-II Presentation:



Linux on Bosphorus-II:


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